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Electrostatic (ESD) Testing

The ETS Independent Testing Laboratory provides fast, economical answers for development, control and certification of the electrostatic characteristics of materials and products for commercial and military applications. Tests are performed in accordance with North American, European and other specifications. The electrostatic characteristics of materials and products are evaluated using Resistance, Resistivity, Static Decay, Static Shielding, Triboelectric Charge Generation and other test methods. Testing is performed under controlled environment conditions per the designated specification. The ETS testing facility includes microprocessor controlled humidity chambers along with a controlled environment room.


Commonly performed tests include:

Resistance/Resistivity: Measured in accordance with most commercial and military standards including all ESD Association (ANSI/ESDA STM 4.1, 11.11, 11.12, 11.13), ASTM (D-257, D-991 and F-150), NFPA (99, and 77) test standards plus IEC electrostatic measurements.

Static Decay: Measures the ability of charged material to dissipate when grounded. Federal Test Method Standard (FTM) 101C, Method 4046 is used to evaluate material covered in Mil PRF 81705D, Mil C 83429B, Method 5931, ESDA, IEC, NFPA, CECC and other standards.

Static Dissipation: Measurements utilizing a charged plate monitor or oscilloscope to measure decay time. Material or product is charged electrically, triboelectrically or by corona.

Static Shielding: Measures the energy or voltage differential inside a static shielding bag in accordance with ESDA STM 11.31.

Triboelectric Charge Generation: Evaluates the ability of material or objects to generate charge when rubbed or separated from another material of from itself.

Static Propensity: Used to evaluate footwear and/or flooring. Measures static charge build-up on personal walking across a floor or performing a defined step and scuff sequence on flooring samples.

ESD Susceptibility: Evaluates the electrostatic discharge (ESD) susceptibility of electronic components, systems and non-electronic devices. ESD simulators configured with Human Body Model (HBM), Machine Model (MM) or IEC61000-4-2 discharge networks are used to apply ESD pulses to the Device Under Test (DUT) per Mil Std 883, ANSI/ESDA STM-1 & 2 plus IEEE, JEDEC, EIA and other similar standards. Testing is performed from ?5 to 30,000 Volts.

ESD Simulation (Components): Performed using the HBM at voltages from <?5 to 8,000 Volts or MM up to ?2000V. Single or multiple discharges are applied to defined pin combinations in stepped voltage increments until deterioration or failure occurs. ESD Simulation (Systems): ESD simulators determine likely failure points and voltage susceptibility levels. Can be configured with either HBM or IEC networks up to ?30kV and MM or CDM networks up to ?6kV.

Personnel/Charged Object Analysis: Personnel or objects stand or are placed on an insulated surface then charged up to ?10,000V. The subject or object is then discharged to a SUT or to ground.

Custom Testing: Designed for products that cannot be evaluated using standard test methods. Typically, guidelines of one or more standards are referenced with appropriate modifications. Specific applications may require development by ETS of a new test protocol including the design of custom apparatus.

ESD Consulting, Auditing and Expert Witness Services

ETS is a major resource for Electrostatic Consulting Services to both industry and government. ETS Consulting, Auditing and Expert Witness Services are supported by our world-recognized, Independent ESD Testing Laboratory bringing comprehensive solutions from a single source. This allows ETS to provide clients with fast, economical answers for the development, control and certification of most electrostatic related applications.

ETS Consulting and Auditing Services can provide facility audits along with training seminars that specialize in electrostatic measurement and control. Reports, presentations and demonstrations can be tailored to each client’s specific requirements.

In addition, ETS provides Expert Witness services including patent review, product evaluation and expert witness testimony.

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